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Shop our collection of handcrafted necklaces designed to match your personality and style. Choose from simple and elegant, or classic and rustic. Our choker, lariat, pendant and tassels, or clustered pearl necklaces are perfect for any occasion.
Shop our versatile selection of single and multi-strand or wrapped leather and pearl bracelets. Step out in style and accessorize your outfit with stacks of three or five bracelets to step up and complement your look for any outing.
Discover our collection of handmade women's earrings made with high-quality pearls and soft leather. Choose from our assorted colors and styles to create that perfect look and adding the final touch to any outfit.


Designed with your life in mind, our jewelry offers simple style and relaxed comfort. Like your favorite t-shirt and go-to pair of jeans, your jewelry should feel like an extension of your unique beauty. Shop our full collection to find the perfect pieces for you.


We believe in celebrating people well. A thoughtful gift says so much, and our handmade styles are a great way to show your favorite people they’re loved. If you’re feeling extra celebratory, contact us about creating a custom piece for your favorite gal.


There are few things we love more than afternoons filled with good people. Bring your friends and favorite styles together through a Leather & Pearl Girl Shopping Event in your home or office. The cherry on top? You get sweet rewards as a thank you for sharing L&PG with your friends.

We Have a Passion for Making You Feel Beautiful

The Leather & Pearl Girl is an everyday friend. She faces life with energy and compassion. She gets better with age, and she appreciates the value of kindness, hard work, and a simple life. She loves date nights, girls’ lunches, park picnics, the smell of fresh-cut flowers, long-lasting love, generosity, and home cooked meals. She is the perfect combination of strength and beauty, just like her leather and pearls.